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Road Markings in Lancashire and the North West

Established in 1999, Maxigrip Surfacing Ltd have a Road Marking Division that can supply thermoplastic road markings to car-parks, roads, school playgrounds, sports courts, Airfields and factories for demarcation etc.
Based in the North West of England, we offer a prompt and reliable service throughout the UK.

Line Removal

We can remove thermoplastic white lines by mechanical planer or hot-compressed air lance.

Our Contracting services include:

  • Anti-skid Surfacing (both hot applied and Epoxy Resin)
  • Red Textureflex and Green Cycle Track
  • Bonded Natural Stone Driveways and Footpaths etc.
  • Hot Poured Sealants and Overband Sealing
  • Playground Markings